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Updated 05:07:2014






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Charter of Reken

Travelling with horses without boundaries

With this charter, we support efforts to abrogate the partly considerable restrictions on outdoor- riding and driving and are committed to ensure that horses do not fall into oblivion by increasing motorization and industrialization.

We, the undersigned of this charter therefore commend

- preservation of riding and driving as cultural asset, as well as its promotion and recognition

- freedom to travel the world with horses, aside from motorized traffic and in accordance with other holiday makers

- protection and preservation of nature for future generations

- respectful treatment of horses

- promotion and recognition of riding and driving as cultural heritage. Outdoor-riding and driving increase our sensitivity towards sustaining our environment

- promotion of child and youth work: by handling horses people are taught values such as responsibility and respect for all living creatures
We, the undersigned

- believe that horses as part of our culture need special protection and care in order to survive in our industrialized world. Their natural needs have to be considered

- promote riding and driving as an outdoor activity and suggest ecologically compatible horseback-based projects which may be of great importance in economically underdeveloped regions

- support conservation of historical postal and trade routes as cultural heritage and strive for the opportunity to travel these as in old times, crossing today's state borders

- are conscious of the need to protect our environment and are committed to preserving the diversity, uniqueness and beauty of nature, landscape, and wildlife

- stand up for careful and respectful training and lifelong learning with the goal of harmony between man and horse

We, the undersigned advocate preservation, care and particular appreciation of the horse as well as the fundamental right of man and horse to free access to nature and landscape.

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